Optical Machines make a pure, authentic impression by combining their creations of sound and visuals. Rather than taking a static position they choose an open set-up which invites the audience to their laboratory-like playground. Their set-up contains an obscure variety of self-designed and constructed equipment to make a both hypnotic and fascinating show.
Optical Machines create a real live show with visuals and sound created on the spot.

In their performance “OM3” Optical Machines experiment with the deforming and deflecting of revolving images and sounds.
Creating an audiovisual environment for the spectator to subside in, by means of the image as a force of noise that is characterized by a slightly uncanny disorientation. Yet, handing yourself over to this invasion of the senses Optical Machines may provide you new insights regarding the human perception. This can sound a little abstract, so it’s probably best if you come see and hear for yourself.